The Tibetan Spaniel

Its appearance is determined by the balance of proportions. The length of the body is slightly larger than the height at withers. It is small, lively and alert.

His cheerfulness, his particular appearance, his extreme intelligence, the reluctance to accept foreign, his watchfulness, faithfulness but simultaneous independence determine its nature.

In relation to his body the head is small, is carried proudly and rude way in males, but not coarse

The neck is moderately short, strong and good about going into the body. With a mane respective a scarf covered, which are of longer hair, more pronounced in dogs than in bitches.

The length of the body from the withers to root of tail slightly greater than the height at the withers.

The tail is set high, richly plumed and the motion carried in a gay curl over back.

His movement is swift, just, free and self-conscious.

The outer coat is silky in texture, smooth on face and front of legs, the body of medium length, but lying rather flat. Dense, fine undercoat. Ears and back of forelegs nicely feathered, tail and hind edge of the legs covered with abundant long hair. Not excessively, bitches tend to have less coat and mane than dogs.

The shoulder height is about 25.4 cm and the weight should ideally be between 4.1 kg to 6.8.


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